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Helrik and Louw since 1999

Helrik and Louw has looked after the financial affairs of clients since 1999. Our growth is driven by clients’ satisfaction in the way which we have lead them in achieving their goals and objectives successfully. Your success is our success, this is why we enjoy our jobs. Our existing clients know that we are not like any other accountants, who number crunch and see you once a year. We are proactive, we delve to understand you and your business so we can develop bespoke financial and accounting strategies to produce extraordinary solutions for growth and success.

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Cloud Accounting – Xero

We provide cloud accounting services under which clients are enabled to have total control of their business’ finances and reporting. Xero is an accounting, reporting and a management tool system in your business. You can access it online from your browser or mobile app. Features include customer invoicing, bills record keeping, bank feeds, scanning, online customer payments, inventory, payroll, VAT reporting and business performance reports.

Traditional accounting services

Our services are always tailored to each client’s requirements and include accounting, tax, VAT, consulting, payroll, registered address, forensic services, HMRC defence and other company services such as secretarial, nominee and more. Please get in touch for more details.

I wanted to have my own business but still worked for an international company. Idea was there but was not quite sure how to turn it into a real business.
Our company grew from a Sunday market shop to 6 outlets in 3 years. Suddenly, there were so many people in the company, all our cash went into stock and the exposure was high, and we still did everything the same way as 3 years ago.
We are a South London franchise for a national company. As part of our agreement we are compared and monitored against other franchises in the UK and so we must always improve financial performance to keep our franchise contract.
Our business has grown significantly, however, this rapid growth put pressure on sustaining high quality service. Our big challenge was to embed constant innovation into staff roles, ensure that business hires the right people so we can maintain the growth and high quality service at the same time.